Experimenting with texture

I tried to imitate various textures from various materials. The first material was bubble wrap. I found it hard to create the creases and light reflection of the bubble wrap. I used a rubber to highlight areas and smudging to emphasise the smoothness of the material. I’m not sure that I created an effect that reproduced the true texture of the material. I found this task a real challenge to transfer what I saw and felt onto the paper. I used a fine liner to create marks to replicate the creases in the plastic bag, which I then attempted to produce a pen and water wash however the pen did not run. I decided to add ink to create the ‘flow’ of the plastic as it is a thin, flexible material. I’m not sure that this worked together, however if the ink was black (the same as the pen) it would have created a simpler, clean and plain effect which would resemble the properties of the plastic bag. The only part I was pleased with was the square I have covered with pink ink. I was creating a texture to duplicate curtain fabric. I used black biro to construct and design the raised textures within the fabric and then completed the texture using ink to imitate the smoother surface. Overall I did not enjoy this as much as I hope to when it comes to completing the frottage exercise. I feel that I will be more creative and looser in my thoughts and processes with frottage than I have been when trying to recreate textures of what I see and feel.

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