Making Marks -Exercise 2


While creating these marks I felt a sense of immediacy to get my feelings down on the paper. It was frustrating using the materials themselves, which added to this sense of frustration and feeling of creating a mark right at that time.

I used charcoal for the first square to create a strong, stiff line however using the charcoal was frustrating in itself as it kept breaking. I felt the broken off bits of charcoal added to the effect so I decided to photograph the marks with the broken bits still on the page. Ink was the next medium I used. I found that the ink came out all at once on the first squeeze of the pipet due to my sense of desperation to create a mark on the page. I feel this imitated anger. I used an oil stick, hoping to create an imitation of the charcoal however it was too much of a slow process creating these thick lines which lead me to adapt my marks and I created a stippling effect. I think these marks were quite simple although it meant that it reflected the ‘blunt’ emotion of anger. My last medium I chose was pencil. This was just a simple medium to chose although I felt that could be a challenge in itself. I decided to use a light pencil rather than a heavy pencil to test the pressure of the mark that I could create. Again this was a very quick process which I feel reflected anger well.




It’s strange how making a mark can make you feel a certain way…

I smudged the charcoal to make a softer line. It almost felt like if the mark was to be a noise it would be a tiny whisper. The oil bars were used but were hard to create a soft line as it a very hard material to use as it creates very dense marks. However, again I found myself smudging the marks to create a softer edge to the lines. The ink was another obstacle which I found very difficult to control. I had little control of the amount of ink that came out at any one time from the pipet. I had to work very slowly and learnt to keep the marks short. The fainter lines work well but the dollops of ink take away the calmness of the piece. Pencil, this time a harder pencil (opposite exercise to what I did with anger), a 6B. A few questions were raised once I had made the marks and discussed them with my partner… Emptiness? Weightlessness? Simple?



As I was conducting this emotion I almost felt as if the marks were dancing. There was a lot of movement going on in my wrist/hand/fingers which in turn lead to the medium imitating this movement on the paper. I feel that there is a lot of excitement in the ink square as the ink has various properties, such as; thick & thin lines and ‘splatters’ of ink with the burst of the pipet. I used the charcoal quite softly but made more of an impression on the paper than I did for calm. I think the most exciting marks however were created with the oil bar, which surprised me. The variation of the more solid marks and the ‘feathery’ marks created some sort of rhythm which I also felt in my hand when making the marks. The fourth medium I used pencil. I varied the heaviness of the pencils this time, combining a 6B with a H. This was to create varied marks and build up the excitement that I think the emotion ‘joy’ contains.



I chose fear for my final emotion. I chose this because I feel this is a very powerful emotion and can stop people doing things. This is also an emotion that I am currently challenged with a lot at this point in my life. I think that fear is a very repetitive emotion that has a lot of loneliness attached to it. With the charcoal I have tried to convey this feeling of loneliness creating a lot of negative space with the image being restricted to a tight round shape that when you experience this emotion it consumes you. With the ink I have used this tool to imitate repetition again in a spiralled manner creating a sense of chaos & panic, but ending up in the same movement, and as such the same situation. The oil bar was harder to control creating larger and more unproductive marks. As I was creating this mark I felt that the shape was going to overlap the other square. I consciously decided to make this happen and to ‘take over’ the other square as I believe fear can be a domineering emotion. Pencil created a more chaotic mark stemming from one point i.e. one thought and unravelling into something fearful.



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