Andy Goldsworthy

Sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculpture and land art.

Goldsworthy uses various materials from his environments such as; flowers, leaves, mud, pinecones, snow, twigs, thorns and many more. He has to work with what nature offers.

He seems to relate perfectly to the work that I have recently been completing. His work is temporary. he captures his work using photography before it disappears or in the process of it disappearing.

I feel that I am adopting many of his processes without realising as I have been creating my pieces. I love working outside and working with things that are readily available.

2 thoughts on “Andy Goldsworthy

  1. Really interesting that you found Andy Goldsworthy – I remember studying his work when I was doing my Masters degree a few years ago! I love the way in which he has flipped the idea of ‘Landscape Art’ and made it ‘Art in the Landscape’. I was always fascinated with how he worked, and how he operated as a commercial artist when he work was in so many cases very temporary!


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